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Daycare that Sparks Curiosity and Independence in Victoria


Our Philosophy

Each child is unique with unique background experiences, interests, characteristics and abilities. Children learn in different ways and at different rates. An environment that is trusting and caring fosters learning. Educators must recognize individual differences, plan for and adapt instruction to meet the individual needs of each child. Educators must provide a secure, success-oriented, positive atmosphere that will foster a desire for and the pursuit of lifelong learning, which will focus on the growth and progress of each child. Children need to learn to recognize and appreciate the special qualities of all individuals by listening to one another, by helping one another to solve problems and by learning from one another, so that a true sense of individuality develops within a community.


General Goals of Program

An early childhood program acts as a bridge between the home and the child care centre. It is a safe, secure place where the child can continue to develop healthy habits, attitudes and skills. These abilities will allow the child to approach new learning with confidence and a positive self-concept. Therefore, the emphasis at Freedom will be on providing activity-based experiences that promote development socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually, with all areas of development being interdependent and of equal importance in the child's total development.

Daily Schedule and Routines

The daily schedule provides a balance of quiet and active experiences, individual and group activity, indoor and outdoor activity, child-initiated and adult-directed activity, and transitional time between activities. Care routines (eating, toileting, diapering, sleeping and dressing) are an integral part of the daily schedule.


Guidance and Discipline Policy

Child guidance is an approach that helps children to learn how to gain self-control. It involves teaching children how to solve problems and take responsibility for their actions and feelings. Child guidance results in the development of a healthy sense of self-esteem. We, as educators, are sensitive to varying child-rearing approaches and always respect the family's input.


Quality Child Care


Children & parents agree

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